Q & A

Q. Do you perform for outdoor ceremonies/events?
A. Yes. There must be rain cover in place. We do not perform outside during the winter. 

Q. Will I have to provide music stands for you?
A. No

Q. Are you familiar with full mass wedding/funeral ceremonies? Do you typically perform within those parameters?
A. Yes, we are familiar with the new mass settings. Typically, we do not perform the mass setting components, as they are best suited for vocal lead, not solely instrumental. However, if your church of preference does not offer an organist/cantor, we would be happy to discuss options with you. 

Q. Is there a travel fee?
A. Yes, see Rates & Booking page. 

Q. May I request music selections not currently within your Repertoire or Coming Soon lists?
A. Yes, an additional fee may apply per/selection.

Q. Will I have to submit a deposit?
A. Yes, a $100 non-refundable deposit must be submitted to reserve your ceremony/event within our registry.

Q. If our event lasts longer than expected, what is the protocol?
A. Unless there is another event or commitment requiring us to leave at a pre-determed time, any additional playing time will be calculated at the per-hour group rate.

Q. Would you suggest music selections for my event/ceremony?
A. Yes, we are accustomed to choosing music selections if you prefer to opt out.