About Us

Rosin Rhapsody offers performances as a professional string duo throughout the Northern New York region to include: Lewis, Jefferson, St. Lawrence, and Oneida Counties. 

Violinists Fausta Poste and Erin Shambo share a long history of studying and performing together and enjoy playing various genres and styles of music. Drawn together by their love for the gift of music and passion for playing, both find joy in performing with each other. Rosin Rhapsody is most sought after for weddings and receptions, but can also be found performing for formal/informal gatherings, funerals/memorials, or unclassified events.

PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD: Brochure and Business Card

FOR BUSINESS DISTRIBUTION: Email below to have our Brochure/Business Card mailed directly to you. Quantity limited to 10/ct. per request. *Specify quantity when making request.

Contact Us

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